Welcome to Classic Fireplaces, your trusted supplier of high-quality heating solutions in Cork. We are delighted to present our collection of gas stoves, designed to provide superior heat output while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics of your home.

Gas stoves are preferred for those seeking an effortless, clean and efficient heating solution. They combine the charm of a traditional wood-burning stove with the convenience of modern technology. With just the push of a button, you can enjoy a cosy fire that heats your room quickly and effectively.

Gas stoves offer many benefits, making them popular for many households. They provide instant, controllable heat, allowing you to regulate the temperature of your room easily. Unlike wood-burning stoves, gas stoves require no effort in sourcing, storing, or loading wood, making them a convenient option for busy households. They also produce minimal smoke and ash, ensuring a cleaner, hassle-free heating experience. The flames of a gas stove mimic the cosy warmth of a traditional fire, creating a charming ambience in your home.

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Cassette Stoves FAQ

What is a cassette stove?

A cassette stove, also known as an inset stove or built-in stove, is a heating appliance built into the wall or an existing fireplace. It offers a streamlined, contemporary look and often provides better heat efficiency than traditional open fireplaces.

How efficient are cassette stoves?

Cassette stoves are known for their high efficiency, often achieving 70-80% efficiency rates. They are designed to reduce heat loss, ensuring more heat is distributed into your room rather than escaping the chimney.

Do I need a chimney for a cassette stove?

Yes, cassette stoves require a chimney or flue system to vent the smoke and gases outside your home safely. A twin-wall flue system may be installed if your property does not have a pre-existing chimney.

What are the advantages of a cassette stove?

Cassette stoves offer several benefits. They provide high heat output and efficiency, help to reduce heating bills and provide a neat, sleek look that fits seamlessly into your room’s design. Moreover, they can use a variety of fuels, including wood, multi-fuel, and gas.

Are cassette stoves difficult to install?

A professional should always carry out cassette stove installation to ensure safety and efficiency. The complexity of the installation can vary depending on the stove’s model and your home’s structure.

What brands of cassette stoves are available at Classic Fireplaces?

At Classic Fireplaces, we offer a wide selection of cassette stoves from a range of trusted brands such as Lacunza, Vitae, Christon, Firewarm and others known for their quality and design


With an exclusive range of industry leading brands and our own certified installation engineers you will have the perfect heating appliance to suit your home, whether it’s gas, electric or solid fuel. We also stock a comprehensive range of limestone and marble fireplace surrounds with complete customisation options.

What our customers say…

Recently had a stove and fire surround supplied and fitted by Classic Fireplaces. Great service and value. Great customer experience!
Katie Huggett - Carrigaline

A great company to deal with. Jude was so helpful. Gave great advice. The fire we ordered arrived early. All dealings with them was a pleasure from start to finish. I definitely recommend them.

Clare Daly - Cork
I can not recommend classic fireplaces enough for a job well done. They were on time, and nice friendly lads that did a superb job! They also left the place spotless… well done classic fireplaces, keep up the great work!
Lisa Lowry - Cobh
Great service! Martin and I were delighted with the professional and friendly service we received from Classic Fireplaces & Cork Stove Centre, from advice about the purchase of our double stove to the efficient and expert installation.
Martin & Tania - Crosshaven
Classic fireplace are great , Jude was a pleasure to deal with and he was very informative . Also thanks to the two fitters who done an excellent job installing our fireplace and stove . We would highly recommend Classic Fireplaces.
Pat & Marie - Cork


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